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US reduces staff at Njamena office as rebels advance towards capital


chad_rebels.jpeg The United States has temporarily moved
nonemergency staff from its embassy in Chad to Cameroon, the U.S. State
Department said on Monday as rebels trying to overthrow Chad’s
president claimed new advances. "The embassy right now is functioning
with a minimum staff and they’re providing services to American
citizens in Chad as needed," U.S. State Department spokesman Gonzalo
Gallegos told reporters.

staff have been repositioned in Cameroon temporarily," he said. The
State Department, citing security grounds, declined to say how many
diplomats were moved. Gallegos reiterated a travel warning advising all
U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Chad and telling any Americans in
the northern African country to avoid traveling after dark and exercise

The rebel National Alliance has been moving westward
from the border with Sudan. On Monday, it said it had captured Biltine,
the third town it has seized in three days.

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