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Kenyan Minister dies in tragic plane crash


kenya.jpgA Kenyan minister and four other people have been killed in a plane
crash in the west of the country, according to a civil aviation source.
Kipkalya Kones, Kenya’s road minister, and Lonar Laboso, an assistant
home affairs minister, was among the dead in the incident on Tuesday,
sources said.

light aircraft which had one pilot and three passengers, crashed into
an unoccupied house at 3:00pm (1200 GMT) near Narok town, about 220km
southwest of Nairobi, Charles Otieno, a police spokesman said.
The plane, carrying the minister from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), was operated by Nairobi-based Flight Trade Limited.

Lone, a spokesman for the Orange Democratic Movement, said: "I am
confirming that they were on the plane that crashed. I am not
confirming that they are dead, but the police are confirming that all
aboard died."
The ODM entered a power-sharing government with the
party of Mwai Kibak, the president, after disputed elections in
December caused widespread violence.

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