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Ask The Luv Coach: Sex Without a Condom?


girl_boy.jpgA guy that I have been dating claims that he can’t get hard
with a condom. What is a polite way to say that I don’t have sex
without a condom?

When a man tells you that he does
not want to use a condom, the message he is sending you is that he does
not value his own life, and he certainly does not value yours. We live
in an era where STD’s are easily spread, but we have the means to
protect ourselves. If you care about yourself, you will not put
yourself at risk. The best answer is to tell your man that you only
have sex with a condom, because you value yourself and you value him,
and you want both of you to live a long and healthy life.

When do guys expect girls to start paying for a dinner?

believe that women and men are equal partners in a relationship, so
while you are still in the dating stage the person who did the asking
should do the paying. If he asked you to dinner, then he should pay,
but if you asked him, then you should pay.

My new
boyfriend is planning to get a job at a place where my old boyfriend
works. How do I tell him that my ex works there, and should I ask him
not to work there? I want to support his decision to take the job, but
I’m afraid of what might happen when they meet.

this is an uncomfortable situation to be in, you cannot ask your
boyfriend to sacrifice his means of living. Be honest with your
boyfriend, so that he can prepare himself for the situation ahead. You
want to send the message that you have successfully moved on from your
last relationship, and that your commitment to your current
relationship is what is most important to you now. You can ask your
boyfriend to keep his interaction with your ex professional, but in the
end it is up to him to decide their working relationship. Let your
boyfriend know that you trust him to do what is best for both you and
him, and that your relationship with each other is all that really

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