Young Men Chase Me At 52 – Actress

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How many children so far?
I have six boys.

You still look young and sexy. Are you likely to marry again?
A million dollar question, but a very simple answer—no comment. But no doubt I am still hot and wanted.

How old are you now and how do you maintain your looks?
I have no peace at all with the young guys. Age means nothing to them. I am 52 years and they think I should go to Osu cemetery and ask my mum again about my age (laughs). I am always considered to be in my late 30s or early 40s. I simply take good care of myself. I love the gym.

How often do you stay at the gym?
I go from Mondays to Saturdays.

Having acted for so many years, will you say it is profitable to act?
Personally, whatever I have achieved in life is not through acting, but my own means. But it has paved a way for my goals. So in a way it’s been profitable.

Will you consider yourself one of the richest veteran actresses around?
Of course and I am proud of myself.

I hear you are a proud owner of a lot of houses in town.
(Laughed) I only have a four-bedroom house built from my hard work. It was always my dream.

Is Adjoa Pee dating?
Mmm I am dating.

Who is he?
I will hold it close to my chest for now! Haahaha

But is he one of the young men?
Hahahaha! No comment!

Thanks for your time.
Pleasure! I must say I have enjoyed it.