Woyome trial: Judge demands Osafo Marfo’s letter blocking Shanghai


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He said he followed up to Mr Amoah’s office but Mr Amoah told him (Woyome) to hold on, without any explanation.

According to the accused person, he later gathered that the LOC had written to the Ministry of Education and Sports requesting that the proposal of the Shanghai Group of China be considered, although it had not participated in the bidding process which had been concluded.

He said he also learnt that Mr Osafo- Maafo had written back to the LOC indicating that the procurement process could not be circumvented.

Vanlare Dosoo Committee
Woyome took the court through the processes he went through to submit bidding documents on behalf of Vamed Engineering and Waterville.

He said Vamed Engineering transferred all rights for the stadium construction to Waterville, except hospital construction.

The accused person told the court that he appeared before the finance committee set up by Mr Osafo-Maafo to evaluate financial documents his consortium submitted for the bidding.

Aside that, the accused person stated that he also appeared before the Vanlare Dosoo Committee twice to explain certain issues, just like other bidders

had done, and added that a concurrent approval was subsequently issued by the Central Review Tender Board (CRTB) for the award of contract to the Vamed and Waterville group, which he said the committee had “adjudged to have won the bid”.

Bridge financing
Explaining further, Woyome said the processes leading to the government guaranteeing the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank would have taken four monthswhich the committee said would delay the stadia construction project.

Based on that, the committee, he explained, asked if his consortium had an alternative financial arrangement to fill in the gap before the financial support from Banc Austria was ready.

“I presented the alternative arrangement which we termed ‘bridge financing’, which was arranged with a consortium of local banks. Merchant Bank was the lead bank,” Woyome pointed out.

According to him, the documents covering the bridge financing were given to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP),but the government later approached the bank and accessed the money after it (government) had abrogated its contract with the consortium.

He said the government eventually used that money to finance the Accra, El-Wak and Kumasi stadia.

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