Woyome Case Made Ghana Look Like A Banana Republic


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‘Look at the level of the people that we entrusted State responsibility to and look at their level of education and experience and exposure. Just for one man to dribble all these people.

‘This case was the lowest point in terms of Ghanaian public service including the political leadership. It was the lowest point. It made the country look like a banana Republic! This case was a classic indicator that we had gone very down, perhaps yet to be buried. We were dead, left with our remains to be buried and shut on the ground.’

Kweku Baako lauded the heroic efforts by Mr. Martin Amidu, stressing that the claims by the late Mills government to only look out for the parties that caused the liabilities to the State without punishing the beneficiaries as well, was nothing but “an inept poor attempt at political equalization tailored to rescue those who had perpetuated this Waterville-Woyome’ conspiracy to defraud this country.

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