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Watch Out, Kim Kardashian! Kanye West Has A New Obsession & She’s Only 17! Find Out Who’s Worrying Kim HERE!

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This certainly doesn’t sound like a good situation.

Despite looking all happy and in love on the cover of Vogue, it seems things aren’t completely blissful on the homefront.

We hear Kanye West has actually been letting another woman into his life recently, and Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly down for the threesome.

It seems Yeezy has been working with his new protege, Pia Mia, for some time now, and their relationship is only growing each and every day. In fact, they just might be growing dangerously close as an insider revealed:

“Kanye is producing some tracks for her and he’s quite involved. He believes she could be the next Rihanna … Kanye has made it clear to everyone that their relationship is strictly creative.”

And while we’re sure Kim is happy to hear that, she probably won’t be too happy to hear what went on during a recent photo shoot:

“Kanye called her and the conversation sounded kind of flirty and romantic. It could be that they are just good friends but it was definitely more than just a professional call.”

Although, from the sound of it, Kanye might just be trying to get in touch with the youth of today. And hopefully for Kim he’s not trying to actually touch the youth of today.

Then again, having your man hanging with a 17-year-old would make any woman a bit uneasy:

“Kanye thinks she’s young, fresh and hip — totally his target audience. He’s been consulting her on a lot of his creative projects, including the Kanye x APC collection … Kanye’s creative team was pretty shocked that he would use a teenager as his confidante. And Kim was actually kind of agitated by it, because he doesn’t usually want her input on design stuff. She was a little jealous.”

Considering Kanye fought to snag Kim a Vogue cover and has declared her the most beautiful woman in the world, we’re not too worried about him straying.

Not to mention, Kim certainly didn’t seem jelly when she let Pia star in one of her Keek videos filmed during a family dinner that included Kanye!

Looks like this might actually be strictly business!

Ch-ch-check out of more pics of “the other woman” (below)!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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