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unclad Man Climbs Tree To Make It His Home


By all means hug a tree, but please do so with your clothes on.

Michael Howard Long, 40, told police in Arab, Ala., that he was climbing a pine tree to make it his home, AL.com reports. But unlike the privacy of one’s actual home, you can’t climb your treehouse unclad.

Long pleaded guilty to public lewdness Monday, two days after police responded to reports of a man climbing 40 feet up a tree in the unclad around 5 a.m.

Isn’t it cold up there? WAFF reports:

Authorities said Long did not want to come down, so they used a bucket truck to cut some branches in an attempt to reach the man. Following an hour of negotiations, Long decided to take the ride safely to the ground, where he was arrested.

A disorderly conduct charge against Long was dismissed, according to MyFoxAlabama.


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