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TRAGIC! Woman Lay Dead In Her Car For 11 Days While Police Gave Her Parking Fines.

A young mother Nadia Malik was found dead in her snow-covered car while parking tickets piled up on her windscreen.

police-tape-shutterstock_562804333-650x365The woman had been reportedly missing for 11 days before police discovered her body on Thursday in the car parked near Philadelphia’s main train station.

It has been learnt that the car was first ticketed on February 10, before being towed on Valentine’s Day because it was blocking snow removal.

According to the police, the woman’s body wasn’t spotted because the car had tinted windows and it was covered with snow.

The car had been ticketed eight times.

It is said that the 22-year-old Nadia had a volatile relationship one Bhupinder Singh.

The victim’s family members revealed that they last heard from Ms Malik when she contacted her brother and said that Singh, was holding her in a vehicle by force, while she was trying to escape.

Singh was later arrested.

However, he has not been charged with any offenses involving the disappearance or death of Ms Malik. A court document filed in connection with the case described the couple as having “a strained … on/off violent relationship.”

However, a post mortem examination showed no sign of injuries to her body and further toxicology tests have been ordered.


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