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This Toy Story Theory About Who Andy’s Mom ACTUALLY Is Will SERIOUSLY Make You Question EVERYTHING!

andys mom in toy story is jesses original owner

WHOA. This is pretty mind-blowing!

Jon Negroni, self-appointed Disney/Pixar detective and the brain behind that crazy “all Pixar films are set in the same universe” theory, is at it again, but this time there is A LOT of visual proof to his hypothesis!

What’s he trying to prove this time?

Well, Jon has figured out who Andy’s mother REALLY is in the Toy Story universe and the answer will pretty much have you nodding your head in agreement.

After you recover from the blown mind, of course.

Jon believes that Andy’s mom is actually Emily, Jessie’s original owner from Toy Story 2!


Well, Jon believes that this is proved by a couple of different points (& photos below):

1. Andy doesn’t wear Woody’s hat, but a very old hat, which is believed to be that of Jessie’s with the lace missing, since the hat is old.
2. Jessie’s owner, Emily, grew up and donated her, except she never donated the hat which is clearly seen on Emily’s bed in the flashback scenes.
3. On the wall of Emily’s bedroom during the flashback scenes we are shown pictures/posters that clearly indicate the time being in the ’70s, which would make Emily the age of Andy’s mom in modern day.
4. Though we don’t see Emily’s face in the movie, we do see her hair, and it matches that of Andy’s mom!

This is some SERIOUS hypothesizing!

We’re pretty convinced, but what do U think, Perezcious readers!?

Is Andy’s mom Jessie’s former owner, Emily?

Or do fans of the films have too much time on their hands and are making something out of nothing!?!

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