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Taylor Swift Has A New Bad Boy To Write About! Nashville DJ Disses Her Snotty Behavior!

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BEWARE: If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, the following story might scar you!

We all know Taylor has a sassy side, but one-time pal and Nashville radio DJ Gerry House insists that Swifty is a completely different person thanks to her superstar status!

Gerry’s new book, Country Music Broke My Brain, features the story of his early friendship with the country diva.

The rookie author remembers being “truly impressed” when he met the “blonde, elegant, and amazingly mature” 15-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter.

Gerry recalled:

“As we chatted for some time before the ceremony began, we discussed her writing and her singing and her dreams. I remember watching her walk away, thinking she was probably going to get everything she wanted.”

And, of course, his predictions were correct, but what happened next??!

Tay Tay continued to show her thanks for his support after her big break with a lovable and charming interview, phone calls, and even gifted him with a signed painting with the phrase, “Because you believed in me.”

YUP! Taylor was still that perfectly polite and pretty girl her first met…

…until she wasn’t.

Even though Gerry doesn’t cite WHEN it happened, he will never forget when she supposedly humiliated him at the BMI songwriter’s party when he tried to talk to her.

In the memoir, he wrote:

“It could have been bad timing…But I did not get the reception I thought I would. It was not a massive warm-loving hug that was my usual greeting. Not even a quick hug. Not even a gentle welcome touch on the arm. … Ms. TS gave a short sideways glance and a noncommittal ‘Hey.’ After a long and embarrassing few minutes, I slowly did the walk of shame back to my seat. [She] was the last person I ever expected to be brushed off by. Again, to be fair, I might have wandered in at the wrong time … Usually though, making the effort to tell someone to ‘hold on ’til this is over’ is a fairly easy thing to do.”

OUR Taylor??! Brushing off an old friend??!

The same gurl who is still surprised every time she sells out a stadium??!


..we’re not so quick to believe this.

Yes, it could have been poor timing, but it is also all too possible that Gerry is using the blonde bombshell’s global popularity to sell books and make a quick buck.

There, we said it!

Sorry, Gerry!

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