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Sleepy Florida Burglar Found Sleeping on Would-be Victim’s Couch


A cat burglar’s cat-nap after a break-in in Mount Dora, Fla., led to him being booked into the Lake County Jail and held without bond.

Judith Smolinski woke up to find 26-year-old Duane Immich sleeping on her couch. “I was in my kitchen going to make coffee and I heard snoring,” she told WFTV. “I walked in the living room and there was a strange man on my couch curled up, covered up with my blanket.”

Smolinski called police and she noticed a key piece of evidence while she was waiting for them to arrive. “He had one open beer on my coffee table,” Smolinski said.

After arriving, a police officer woke Immich up by removing his blanket and made another revealing discovery. “She discovered he had my butcher knife on his chest and he was holding it with one of his hands,” Smolinski said.

According to police, they found evidence on Immich that linked him to three other burglaries and believe that he passed out on Smolinski’s couch after burglarizing several nearby homes.

Immich has previous arrests for grand theft, drug possession and aggravated assault.


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