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Simon Cowell Headed To Broadway?! If His New Musical Isn’t Too Offensive!

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Simon Cowell has already conquered music, TV, fatherhood. So what’s next? Possibly Broadway!

Simon recently produced a musical on London’s West End called I Can’t Sing, a spoof of X Factor, that is getting some pretty exciting reviews.

According to inside sources, the show’s producers are in talks with multiple theaters to bring Sing to the Great White Way!

But there are a couple obstacles. First, the show is an obvious send-up of the judges on X Factor UK! For it to work on Broadway, the script would have to be adapted to reflect the judges American audiences have grown to love.

The second roadbump is a bit taller- and more personal! It seems some of the spoofing hit a little too close to home for some of the judges! The source says:

“We know I Can’t Sing is causing massive problems behind-the-scenes for X Factor‘s producers in the UK and for Cowell.

Cheryl Cole and Dermot O’Leary are returning to judge alongside him now and both are badly mocked by the British writer.

They are refusing to see the theater show and have made it clear they are very unhappy with the way they are being portrayed. Cowell’s going to be worried that other judges and contestants would hate it in the same way here.”

Paula Abdul has a good sense of humor, right?

When MC Skat Kat made that joke about her tail, she didn’t destroy his career and make sure he disappeared from the face of the… OH NO!

Maybe stick with Demi Lovato?

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