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Sarah Palin Is Glad To See David Letterman Go – ‘Out With The Old, In With The New!’ Watch Her Slam The Late Night Legend HERE!

Anyone with a halfway decent sense of humor was sad to see David Letterman announce on his show last night that he’s planning to retire in 2015.

And then, there’s Sarah Palin

The Tea Party’s mama bear was appearing on, where else, FOX News last night when Sean Hannity asked how she felt to see Dave ending his long run on TV.

Wait, quick rewind back to 2009…

That’s when Letterman made a joke on-air about the former governor and her daughter. Sarah had attended a Yankees game that week and Dave joked:

“There was one awkward moment during the 7th inning stretch – her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

Obviously a call back to Bristol Palin who in fact DID get “knocked up” in 2008 at the age of 18.

But SarBear didn’t see it that way, since it was in fact her 14-year-old daughter who attended the game with her that day. She took Dave’s comments as advocating child rape!

A million eye rolls…

OK…fast forward 6 years later to last night, when Hannity asked Palin:

“Your old buddy David Letterman is retiring. I’m a Leno guy. What is your reaction to Letterman getting out after he was so vicious to your family?”

You didn’t have to tell us you were a Leno guy, Sean. We could tell by your haircut.

And as for Palin’s response:

“It’s cool! You know, out with the old, in with the new! Maybe he’ll start a trend when we talk about politics, too! Politicians who have maybe been there in Washington, D.C., a bit too long, allow some new blood in there, some new energy, new ideas to get the country back on the right track. Maybe Letterman is going to kind of start that trend. Out with the old, in with the new.”

That…makes absolutely no sense, doll. Do you want a do-over? Because if you were going for slap in the face, you missed. Big time.

Politicians who have been in DC a bit too long? You realize your former running mate John McCain has been in Congress for over 30 years, right?

Just checking.

Press PLAY to see Palin’s attempt at burning Letterman (above).

Sarah may not miss you Dave, but we and millions more definitely will!

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