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Sad : Beautiful lady commits suicide after her Boyfriend Dumped Her…(PHOTO)

A young Chinese woman, 20 year old Jojo Tsai  documented the final moments before she committed suicide by jumping out of her high-rise apartment window.She was heartbroken after her boyfriend broke up with her claiming his mum wouldn’t approve of their marriage.The last message jojostai1012 ever posted for her ex-boyfriend on Instagram was….

             “I will haunt you day and night after I’m dead.”

Shortly after that message, she piled of some of her possessions and set them on fire. Then, she opened her window,posted a selfie of herself sitting at the edge of the building before jumping off… Her translated messages below ….

“It’s been 12 days since the break up. I’ve gone out, had meals and watched movies with all sorts of guys, some of whom were more handsome than you are. Others are richer than you. I say this only to prove that it isn’t that I can’t find guys better than you. It’s just that my heart is unable to accept anyone else. Every time I go out with them, I end up crying. I force myself to smile, I tell myself ‘the most important thing is to be happy.’ In the end I can’t change my heart.

More below

 “Life has been so miserable these past few days. I want to forget all of this, to control my mood and not be crying painfully late at night every night, but I can’t do it, there’s nothing I can do. All of this is too unfair to me, I can’t bear it. I don’t understand why did you give me so many promises? All of it was a lie. In my life, I haven’t done any [seriously] bad things, so why subject me to this kind of torment?” I cannot forget it, unless I die. I never thought that you would deceive me, but I still can’t stop loving you. After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night. I will never be apart from you again.

The shape of the roof on which she’s found bears some resemblance to the one seen beneath her dangling feet in the photo above. On Chinese forum Mop, where the photo was first shared, one person came forward and claimed to be her neighbour:..

“This is real, we live in the same building, she died Saturday morning. No matter what, how much courage must it have taken for a little girl to kill herself? Hope she will find peace in the afterlife.”

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