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Relax, iCarly Fans! Nathan Kress Is NOT Married!

nathankress not married

All this confusion from a 5-month-old picture that recently resurfaced!?

Survey says: YES!

iCarly actor Nathan Kress was involved in a marriage mixup when the (above) old picture reentered the atmosphere last week.

The 21-year-old star, who captioned the Instagram pic that was taken on November 2, “It was a beautiful day for a wedding here in St. Louis :)” totally tricked many peeps into thinking he exchanged vows with his long-time GF Madisen Hill

And although it appears to be the real deal with a bouquet, white dress, and suit—the “I Do’s” are total photo farce!

Nathan address the rumor on Twitter during the Kids’ Choice Awards, revealing:

People on social media are so silly sometimes.

We’re SO glad this rumor is finally debunked, and Nathan can go back to being a young adult!

[Image via Instagram.]

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