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Reincarnated Kids: 6 Signs Your Child Had A Past Life


Does your 3-year-old have a strange understanding of the inner workings of the Titanic?

Is your 6-year-old boy able to translate the words of Adolph Hitler?

Does your 7-year-old girl say bizarre things about how she spied on you in a window from heaven before she was born?

As strange as it sounds, some people believe those anecdotes are signs the kids were reincarnated.

Belief in reincarnation goes back centuries and is part of many religious faiths, but there is, so far, little scientific data supporting it.

However, the producers of a reality series are gathering some intriguing information that may suggest reincarnation does exist, but they need help.

The producers of Ghost Inside My Child a reality series returning for its second season later this year on the MyLifetime network, are currently conducting a casting call for children who claim to have, or have had, past life memories.

Currently, the show has interviewed 12 families over the course of doing the show and need at least eight more for the next season.

Producer Sandra Alvarez-Smith admits the pool is too small to be scientifically valid, but said she’s been amazed at the similarities between the kids who’ve been interviewed so far.

Things like:

Adult-Like Behavior

Kids who’ve allegedly been someone else in a past life seem to act in a way beyond their years and show skills more in common with someone older.

Specific Past-Life Memories

Alvarez-Smith says the supposedly reincarnated kids she’s interviewed say things like “I was on the train” or “I used to be….”

Traumatic Memories

Most of the kids Alvarez-Smith says are claiming they were somebody else in a past-life have traumatic memories of a violent death. One example is Carson Culpepper, who told her mom, Beth, she remembered being at the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing,which happened years before she was born.

Night Terrors

The kids who believe they were someone in a past life often experience night terrors. “Their eyes are open, but they’re in the middle of a terrible nightmare,” Alvarez-Smith said.

Advanced Skills

Besides having knowledge of other languages, kids who may be having a past-life regression show advanced skills beyond their years.

Memories Of The Period ‘Between Lives’

Children who believe they were someone else in a previous existence sometimes have vivid memories of the “in-between” stage. They also tell their parents they saw them through a window in heaven before they were born.


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