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Pizzeria Serves Up A Deep Dish Diss To Arizona Lawmakers Who Passed Anti-Gay Bill!

roccos pizzeria anti gay bill facebook watermark

Revenge is usually a dish best served cold. But one Arizona pizzeria is unleashing a piping-hot plate of payback to lawmakers who passed an anti-gay bill this week!

AZ Senate Bill 1062 gives business owners in the state the right to deny service to the LGBT community based on religious freedom!

So basically, legal discrimination…


As sick to our stomachs as this bill makes us, we might still have an appetite for a slice of Rocco’s Little Chicago pizza because their new store policy is just DELICIOUS!

They’re reserving the right to refuse service to Arizona legislators!


Rocco’s posted this picture (above) on Facebook of a sign hanging in their window that states the restaurant’s new anti-politician policy, along with a caption that read:

“Funny how just being decent is starting to seem radical these days.”

The bill passed both houses of the Arizona state legislature and will now head to Governor Jan Brewer who can either veto it or sign it into law.

Spoiler alert, Jan is a very conservative Republican who once got into President Obama’s face!

Soooo, we’re assuming she’s going to put her John Hancock all over this thing while whistling a tune.

If you want to put hatred on the books of your state, Governor Brewer, go for it. But remember, NO PIZZA FOR YOU!

[Image via Facebook.]

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