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P0*nographic Content Found on Ohio State Government Website

s*x on laptop computer. p****graphy

A Democratic lawmaker is calling for an investigation into how P0*nographic files landed on an Ohio state government website.

The Columbus Dispatch reported Saturday that a ”Sexy Babe” video was found on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website last month. According to the paper, the files were uploaded on Feb. 21 and discovered on Feb. 28 within an FTP area of the site that companies used to share oil and gas well information.

ODNR spokeswoman Eileen Corson told the paper no official credentials were required to add material to that area.

“Someone was using it as cloud storage,” Corson told the Dispatch, adding that the site was not hacked. “Unfortunately, that happens.”

Nonetheless, Ohio auditor candidate and state Rep. John Patrick Carney (D-Columbus) is pushing for an investigation into the matter, telling the Dispatch Sunday that Ohio’s networks must “not be abused for personal use, especially for storing unauthorized or pirated files that expose them to malware and viruses.”

In light of the incident, Corson also told the Dispatch that credentials will now be required to access the area of the site that was compromised.


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