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Nationwide Restaurant Chain Wants You To STOP Tipping Your Server! But Will This Trend Catch On?

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It’s customary to leave your waiter or waitress a 15-20% tip when you go out to eat.

But if you’re dining at Noodles & Company, you won’t have to leave your server ANYTHING!

The restaurant chain’s CEO says people who eat at one of his company’s 380 locations shouldn’t have to pay extra for good service. He is now implementing a no-tipping policy!

Kevin Reddy explained why, saying:

“Being nice doesn’t cost you anything, and we don’t really feel that folks should have to pay something additional for us to appreciate that they’re choosing us over another restaurant.”

OK, but your workers still need to make a living!

According to Kevin though, his employees are taken care of by earning MORE than minimum wage at work.

Noodles & Co. would not release their payroll numbers but they feel confident that not only will what they pay employees keep them happy in their jobs, it also eliminates having to worry about what to do if the federal minimum wage is increased.

Hmm. We wonder how the servers feel about all of this.

Even if you are making more than minimum wage, that doesn’t mean you’re making as much as you would if you were receiving tips. Some people are very generous when they go out to eat.

Others…not so much. And considering Noodles & Co.’s menu items average for about $8, the check that people would be tipping on wouldn’t be very high to begin with.

What do you think, Perezcious readers?

Should restaurants forego letting their workers collect tips and pay them more per hour instead?

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