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MUST READ: How man was killed, beheaded by his friend in Kogi

police-logo1A man who is said to have threatened his friend had the situation   turned around on him as he was allegedly killed due to the threat.
22-year-old Mohammed Farouk is said to have gotten into an argument   with his suspected killer, identified simply as “Ijogbon”, and promised  to deal with him.
Ijogbon however arranged the kidnapping and  torture of Farouk after  which he was beheaded and buried in a forest in the Okene area of Kogi.
Read The Sun report below:

According to Daily Sun findings, the  deceased, a  help-hand at a bakery factory in Okene, was said to have  had an  altercation with one Ijogbon, (now at large), during which the  deceased  threatened to deal with him.
Apparently moved by  the threat, Ijogbon whose real name remained  unknown as at press time,  allegedly mobilized some ‘guys’, who abducted  Farouk from his home  about three weeks ago and killed him.
Conducting Daily Sun correspondent round the forest where  Farouk’s body was buried, the state
Commissioner of Police, Seidu  Madawaki, said that the police had been on the trail  of the assailants  since the deceased was abducted.
He said  that, crack detectives made a breakthrough in their  investigation when  one Saka and Wahab (surnames withheld) were arrested  for their  complicity in the abduction and subsequent murder of Farouk
The duo, the Commissioner said, later led detectives to the thick forest  where the deceased was tortured and later killed by the  hoodlums.
Speaking to Daily Sun, one of the suspects, Saka said that they  were recruited  to abduct the deceased, adding that Ijogbon shot him dead and had since  fled the town.
The Police Commissioner, who wondered how a  man’s life could be  cut short due to a small quarrel, described the act as “ too cruel,  despicable and unacceptable” and promised to prosecute those implicated  in the matter.
It was gathered that  Farouk was abducted at Lafia quarters in  Okene on January 22 and the  decomposed body was found by the police in a forest along Obeiba – Egge  road in Adavi Local Government Area of the  State.
When the  body was exhumed yesterday, for autopsy, the medical  director of Okene  General Hospital, Dr. Abdusalam Abubakar said that the preliminary  report showed that Farouk was gruesomely murdered.
He confirmed that the head of the deceased was severed and the private parts and some other parts were removed.


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