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Motown The Musical Returns After Tragic Suicide

motown on broadway

Don’t stop the beat just yet!

A man dropped 50 stories to his death on the roof of Broadway’s Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Friday night, but Motown the Musical‘s show continued even after the traumatizing sound of his body slam.

An office called to the scene explained:

“That’s Broadway for ya. People paid good money for their tickets, so the show had to go on.”

The cast and crew were in the middle preparing for the evening’s 8 p.m. curtain call when 37-year-old Wesley Hunter fell from the W New York hotel, shaking the chandelier of the 104-year-old performance center.

While the loud noise and shake did temporarily halt the pre-show scurry, seconds later the performers went back to business as usual.

Actually, people were so unfazed that Wesley’s body wasn’t even found until 12 hours later! Talk about focus!

It breaks our hearts when anyone is driven to end their own life. We hope his family and friends have peace.

[Image via Motown the Musical.]

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