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Missouri Copying Arizona? Get The Deets On ANOTHER Disgusting Anti-Gay Bill!

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Meet Wayne Wallingford.

Wayne is a Missouri State Senator who’s been following what’s going on in Arizona, with their introduction of an anti-gay bill that allows discrimination based upon religious freedom.

And after hearing all the deets on AZ’s disgusting piece of legislature, Wayne evidently decided he wanted to same thing in the Show Me State!

The Republic politician (shocking, right?) filed Senate Bill No. 916 yesterday, which would allow Missouri business owners to cite religious beliefs as reason to refuse service to people.

Sound familiar??

Wallingford’s legislation does not make any mention of sexual orientation, but legal experts agree that if signed into law, it would give private businesses the right to deny LGBT people.

Before you THROW UP from how foul this all is, we’ve got some good news.

The chances of this actually becoming a law is slim to NONE!

Because Missouri’s current governor is Democrat Jay Nixon, who would sooner dance the Super Bowl Shuffle naked on top of the Gateway Arch than he would sign this RIDICULOUS bill!


Still, can you even believe there’s an elected official who saw what was going on in a state 1,000 miles from him and thought, “Yeah! We should discriminate against some of our citizens too!”

Good luck come re-election time, pal. We’ll be rooting for you to lose your job, for sure!

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