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Miracle: Family Singing Hymns by the Bedside of a Girl Awaken Her From Critical Coma

Lexi Hansen (Credit: Pray For Lexi via Facebook)

Lexi Hansen (Credit: Pray For Lexi via Facebook)

A BYU student who suffered head injuries and was in a coma after being hit by a car last week came out of it on Sunday when her family sang hymns at her bedside.

Lexi Hansen, 18, was listed in critical but stable condition and was breathing on her own by Tuesday.

“When they brought her in, the doctors gave her less than a 5 percent chance of survival,” Doug Hansen, Lexi’s father, told the Deseret News. “They told us to call our family and get them here quickly because she wasn’t going to last too long.”

The Hansens have created a “Pray for Lexi” Facebook Page to help support their daughter.

“Every single day is a miracle, every single day,” said Lexi’s mom, Marcia Hansen. “It was a zero percent when she was found, then 1 percent the next day. Now there are still a few things that we are not sure of, but almost everything is just positive. We know it’s because of God. We know he’s a God of miracles. And the prayers and faiths everybody that have been praying for her. That’s the only reason she is where she’s at.”

Lexi is a communications major at BYU and has dreams of being a motivational speaker.

Her family gave an update about Lexi’s status on the Facebook page on Wednesday.

“She also was able to stand next to her bed, albeit with a lot of assistance. She was very wobbly on her first try, but she was eager to get up and try again after she had sat down. We hope she will have the strength to do it again today.We’re grateful that our prayers have been heard and that she continues to get better. We will keep praying that her pain will subside and that her speech and motor skills will continue to come back. #prayforlexihansen.”


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