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Meet Claudette, 77 Yr-Old Hermaphrodite Prostitute From Switzerland [PHOTOS]

77-year-old Claudette is an intersex (hermaphrodite) s*x worker, a husband, a grandfather and an award-winning cyclist.


Born in Switzerland in 1937 with both male and female private partia, Claudette’s parents assigned her a male gender when being male was a clear advantage.

According to Claudette, she’s never been ashamed o being a hermaphrodite.

I never felt bad about being hermaphrodite, it’s the others who have a problem with it; not me. I have always felt like a girl and I lived my life accordingly. I have the s*x of the angels, why would I be ashamed of it,” she said.

Since she was declared male by her parents at birth, she was able to marry the love of her life, Andrée, with whom she has three children and they have always loved her for who she is.

Claudette & wife

Claudette became a prostitute to fully play with the possibilities and ramifications of gender roles.

Claudette & a client

Claudette explained, “Prostitution becomes a source of self confidence, for people who see in prostitutes the ultimate femininity and who assume this role with happiness and a sense of relief.”

Claudette who is also into sports has won many awards. She says sport has always been an important part of her life.

Awards won by Claudette

Cycling is one of my passion, I have done it all my life and I have no intention to stop. I still win competitions at my age and record better times than people thirty years younger than me,”she said.

Source: Huffington post


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