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Mean Girls Reunion Is Actually A Thing! Find Out Who’s In So Far HERE!

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This news is totally fetch!

Lindsay Lohan dropped a massive doozy on all of us when she announced on the Tonight Show that Tina Fey had approached her to be a part of a Mean Girls reunion, and that she was interested.

But be still your beating hearts, because it looks like this reunion is not only more definite than we thought, there are more people currently on board.

Apparently, according to sources, Tina has been wrangling up people for a reunion for about a month in commemoration of Mean Girls‘ 10th anniversary, with Lindsay being the last to know!

We can’t believe it’s been ten years since Regina George and her crew entered our lives and hearts. And they never left.

There’s no word yet on what form this reunion will take, but sources say that it could happen as a comedy sketch, perhaps at an award show!

In the words of Gretchen, irregardless! Knowing Tina’s writing skills, we’re sure she’ll come up with something super funny!

Also willing to participate are co-stars Amy Poehler, Jonathan Bennett, Rajiv Surendra, and Daniel Franzese.

Hit us with a school bus are we excited or what?!

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