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Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Left Her! And You Won’t Believe The Reason Why!

lindsay lohan assistant matt harrell leaves after own show

Fans of Lindsay Lohan‘s OWN show will know Matt Harrell as her long-suffering assistant.

But “long” may not be the right choice of words. It turns out that LiLo and Matt have gone their separate ways!

Apparently it happened right after filming on the show wrapped, so anyone hoping for a major televised blowout and some good old-fashioned table flipping, you have our sympathies.

A source close to the situation says it was a simple matter of money- and LiLo not having enough to pay him! The source says:

“Lindsay would love to have Matt back as her assistant, but she just can’t afford him. He did a really good job for her… He is extremely professional and very good at his job.

But would Matt want to go back to Lindsay? We wouldn’t bet on it! While being unemployed in this economy can be really rough, this job might not be worth it. The source says:

“…to say working for Lindsay was difficult and chaotic would be an understatement.”

Well, we wish Matt the best of luck! And Lindsay too! We hope she can get by on her own for a while!

[Image via OWN.]

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