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Lindsay Lohan Is Blaming Her OWN Reality Show For Her Bad Image?! Is This Show What Has Ruined Her Acting Career?

lindsay lohan own failing career

Guess she isn’t ready to OWN up to anything!

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly feeling a series of mixed emotions for her reality docu-series, especially since ratings have tanked in recent weeks…

So much so, that the starlet is blaming the Oprah Winfrey executive produced show of actually hurting her chances of making a seriously stellar acting comeback!

A source close to the 27-year-old revealed that Lindsay is actually super pissed the show is only focusing on her struggles to stay sober, and in most recent episodes, a relapse.

Instead of showing her dark days post-rehab, the source said LiLo wished the producers would have highlighted fans, her work, and other aspects of life!

The insider confessed there were many wonderful moments the cameras caught, but viewers will never see:

“For example, there was about five hours of footage shot when Lindsay fulfilled part of her community service obligation by working with at-risk kids. On the show, only ten minutes made it on the air. She actually put in more time than was required that day, and that was completely ignored.”

The source continued to explain that Lindz places no blame on Oprah, and it was more about the production company pressuring her:

“In no way does she blame Oprah, or OWN. She felt that questions about her sobriety were being brought up by her life coach, A.J. Johnson at the urging of producers of the show. Pilgrim Productions and Lindsay definitely have a very rocky relationship. Lindsay was actually doing much better before she started filming the show. She was stone-cold sober and dedicated to her sobriety 100%.”

We’re SO on the fence about this alleged acting comeback argument!

It’s not great that cameras are highlighting her attitude and struggle to combat addiction, but wouldn’t the press be doing it anyway?!

If she just stays focused and sober, we know something’s going to click soon!

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