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Lena Dunham Sets The Record Straight: Is She Or Isn’t She Quitting Acting?!?

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Acting is just one of the many talents of Lena Dunham.

But as we reported earlier, the Girls writer/director/creator and star was thinking about stepping out of the spotlight and quitting acting!

Say it ain’t so!

Well, she’s saying something alright! And so are her co-stars!

When asked Thursday night at a press event for her beloved HBO show if the rumors of her departure from in front of the camera were true, Lena answered:


Well OK then! That settles that!

Allison Williams, who plays Marnie on the HBO series, was also asked about losing Lena as a co-star. She summed up just how much they would all miss her if she really did decide to leave, saying:

“I’m of two minds about this. Number one: she’s so phenomenally talented as an actress and I can say that first hand that it would be sad if she stopped. That said, part two is that if she’s going to be writing roles for women I would like to be the first in line because she writes such good stuff for women and men. She’s just a phenomenal writer so I know she’ll do whatever she feels like doing. I just hope she doesn’t stop acting because she’s so good.”

Jemima Kirke then chimed in, saying:

“Didn’t Jay Z say he was going to quit rapping awhile ago?”


Point taken. Especially when it comes from the girl who once jumped onto Jay Z’s back!

We’re glad we’ll be seeing you as Hannah Horvath for the foreseeable future, Miz Dunham!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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