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Kim Kardashian Better Watch Out! Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Might Be Planning To Beat Her Down The Aisle!

kourtney kardashian scott disick wedding kim kardashian

Can’t they just have a joint wedding??

How cute, two brides!!

Well, knowing the Kardashians, we’re guessing they don’t want to share the spotlight on their big day, which means these wedding plans might be a bit problematic.

While we all know Kim Kardashian is planning a Parisian wedding extravaganza with Kanye West for May 24th, it looks like it’s Kourtney Kardashian who might walk down the aisle first!

It seems that Kourt has finally changed her mind about marriage — two kids later — and is ready to put a ring on Scott Disick!

In fact, the two are apparently already planning a low-key wedding at Joe Francis‘ estate in Punta Mita, Mexico. We even hear they already had their bachelor and bachelorette parties in New York City on February 22nd!

But what caused this change of mind? It seems Scott’s recent loss of both his mother and father spurred on a stronger relationship between the two as a source said:

“Kourtney realized that she’s all he has. It’s made her see things differently. This is the perfect time for Scott and Kourtney to get married.”

Unfortunately, another source revealed that Kim doesn’t think its exactly the perfect time of the two to say “I do”:

“There are rules about that kind of thing. If your sister gets engaged before you do, you don’t get married before her!”

Talk about AWKWARD!

But, considering these two have been together for seven years, have two babies together, AND have been struggling to get down that aisle, we sure hope Kimmy gives them a break!

Plus, if they do it first, then the way will be cleared for Kim’s wedding to be the only thing on schedule when it rolls around!

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