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Kate Hudson And Fiancé Matthew Bellamy Aren’t Splitting!

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Phew! Don’t know if we could handle TWO major splits in one week!

Too soon, Gwyn?

Despite reports that there is trouble in paradise, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy aren’t on the winding road to Splitville!

Like any other couple, these two are making it work even though they both have hectic schedules.

A source explained:

“They have bumps in the road like anyone else, but it’s nowhere to what people blew it up to be. Kate is very independent, and Matt is a musician … His life is touring. They make time to see each other.”

We hope so!

We still have no idea how the twosome have their successful careers in the spotlight and make time for family, but their mysterious ways must working after a baby and a lonnggggg engagement!

But will they ever actually walk down the aisle?! We’re waiting to see that hipster-hippie wedding!

[Image via WENN.]

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