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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Rekindled Relationship Claims First Casualty – A Mall In Texas!

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Justin and Selenita’s hearts may be open for business again, but just about everything else in the McAllen, Texas is CLOSED because of them!

We already showed you pics of Justin Bieber and his on again, off again, Segway again ladylove Selena Gomez chillaxing deep in the heart of Texas earlier Friday morning, but that was only one phase of their all day outing!

They started off at Don Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant and dropped over $150 on breakfast for them and four bodyguards. According to the owner’s daughter, the Big Bieberoni ate huevos rancheros while Selena stuck with the chilaquiles!

Mmm!!! Delish!!

The duo apparently tipped an extra $50 bucks on top of the $14 gratuity that was already embedded in their bill! Hooray for good tipping!

After that they went to Perfumeria de la Versailles, which is where they were photographed earlier, and someone in their entourage bought cologne! Ahh, the sweet smell of an afternoon well spent!

At some point a rumor spread that the super-famous couple was at La Plaza Mall and, in the span of just a few hours, the place was overrun with fans, gawkers, paparazzi, and probably some unlucky normal folks trying to snag a Cinnabon.

The mall actually tweeted out a message assuring fans that the power couple was not even there! It said:

Well, apparently that didn’t help, because minutes ago they followed it up with this:

Ha! Jelena didn’t even stay at the mall very long and still managed to close it down — now that’s star power!!!

Selena has two concerts scheduled in Texas this weekend so hopefully that translates into more sightings of the possibly back together couple!

See a pic of the overcrowded mall (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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