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Justin Bieber Rejects His Plea Deal Because He Might Mess Up Again?!

justin bieber turns down first miami dui plea deal

We’ll tell you a secret: the best way to stay out of trouble is to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!

But apparently Justin Bieber doesn’t think he’s capable of that and has rejected the plea deal offered to him in his Miami DUI case.

We previously mentioned that they were offering a deal which included probation and random drug testing, but Bieber said, “No.”

Reportedly, it’s because he doesn’t want to get in even more trouble if he messes up while he’s on probation AND he doesn’t want to agree to the random drug testing.

There are also reports that the 19-year-old singer is addicted to both marijuana and sizzurp, so that’s probably coming into play here.

However, there’s another reason why Justin refused the deal, and it makes sense.

Remember, the cops allegedly lied about the Biebs’ whereabouts and speed when he was “drag racing” and that the exaggerated that he smelled like alcohol, when he only blew a .014.

Oh, and JB doesn’t want to go to alcohol ed classes because it will be a circus.

We admit that this plea deal seems a little steep, but if you behave yourself and have nothing to hide, then what’s the issue?!

We’ll just have to see if they end up offering him one he agrees with.

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