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Jennifer Lopez Is Coming To A TV Near You With Her New Show Shades Of Blue!

jennifer lopez new tv show starting shades of blue nbc

EEEK! This is so exciting!

Fact: Jennifer Lopez does not stop working, and luckily for us her newest venture involves a lot of acting!

The 44-year-old just had her hour-long drama Shades of Blue approved by NBC, and they already want 13-episodes!

This is fantastic news!

But the best part is that Jenny from the Block will be STARRING as undercover FBI detective and mother Harlee McCord, who works for the anti-corruption task force. Then her character is compromised, so McCord’s colleagues help her raise her daughter.

The whole story is fraught with moral dilemmas, which always make for great TV, right?

Shades of Blue is also being executive produced by Ryan Seacrest and Adi Hasak, who is writing it as well. NBC has all of the faith in the world that this will suceed, because as NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke put it:

“Whether its producing, acting, singing or any of her other many entrepreneurial activities, Jennifer is an extraordinary talent and life force, and we’re delighted to be in business with her and Adi Hasak on this sophisticated show. We’re especially excited that Jennifer is returning to her acting roots from such great movies as Out of Sight and we know that she will create this complicated character in a vivid way that will breathe new life into the cop show genre.”

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait untl the Fall 2015 premiere, but once it’s on TV that means we get J. Lo in our homes weekly!

How fab!!!

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