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Is Divergent Really A Story About Bisexuality? It Could Be, At Least According To Theo James!

is divergent really an allegory about bisexuality theo james says it could be8

Well, well, well, this is certainly an interesting take on the film!

Theo James, who plays Four in the Divergent movie, was asked a very innneresting question about the themes of the movie and we think his answer is just perfect!

But what do you expect from the philosophy degree holder!

So what was the question?

Well, The Advocate asked Shailene Woodley‘s co-star:

“What if I told you Divergent could be interpreted as not only a gay allegory, but one that specifically highlights bisexuality?”

WOW! How intriguing!

We hadn’t even THOUGHT of the movie in that light, but now that they mention it, we can totally see it!

And we’re not the only ones!

Theo answered:

“Yeah. That’s an interesting parallel to make. I hadn’t connected those dots myself, but there’s definitely truth in there.

The five factions represent the basic levels of conformity and a divergent fits into not one of them, but multiple. Yeah, I can see it. That’s interesting. Is the film direct commentary on specific political issues in reality? No, but it reflects what’s happening in the real world in an obvious way now.

I’ve been relieved and fairly impressed. I didn’t know how many of those parallels would make it into the movie. Thankfully many have, and after seeing the movie a lot of people seem to be asking questions about the nature of society, the nature of being different, the nature of trying to fit in — deeper questions, which I’m pleased about. ”

WHOA! We’re pleased by it too!

Not only do we get to stare at sexXxy Theo, watch Shailene be the ultimate bad-ass, but we ALSO get to watch an incredible film with a positive message being sent!

We LOVE it!!!

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