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HORROR: Gay Man Strangles Wife, Burns Her Body After Marrying Her To Hide His S*xuality


Jasvir Ram Ginday asphyxiated Varkha Rani with a metal vacuum pipe and tried to destroy her remains in a backyard incinerator.

Although earlier Ginday had confessed that he was attracted to men the couple went through the arranged marriage to please his parents.

The defendant had travelled to the subcontinent with his mother to find a bride and met several women before a match-maker known to both families introduced him to Miss Rani.

The couple became engaged at the end of a meeting which lasted several hours and get married in a luxurious ceremony in India March 2013.

Miss Rani’s family believed Ginday to be a perfect match for their intelligent, well-educated, and attractive young daughter.

Just a month later terrible truth was discovered as the unrecognisable remains of the 24-year-old woman was discovered in the back garden of the house the couple shared with other members of Ginday’s family.

On day of the murder Ginday and his wife had been alone in the house.

In the afternoon neighbours saw and smelled a smoke similar to that which comes from a crematorium.

When one of the residents knocked on Ginday’s door, he claimed he was simply burning rubbish.

After killing his young wife, Ginday had forced her body into a 55cm deep destructor in an alley beside their home and called the police.

He claimed she walked away after assaulting him as she had only married him for a visa to get into the UK and now she is missing.

Police searched the property that night but they did not look in the garden.

They returned the next night after neighbours reported seeing black smoke for the 2nd day running.HORROR: Gay Man Strangles Wife, Burnts Her Body After Marrying Her To Hide His se*uality

Although the murderer had attempted to destroy his wife’s body, one of the police officers lifted the lid of the incinerator and found a severely burnt human skull and a wedding ring.

Pathologists later confirmed the human remains were that of Miss Rani and that she had died from strangulation by a metal pole being placed across her throat.

Ginday was going to play the role of victim, being confident that he could rely on his married status as a permanent excuse for never having another relationship with a woman.

But over the years the defendant made contact with gay chat lines to discuss his se*uality, he developed a network of gay male friends and he attended gay clubs in the Birmingham area.

Niether Rani’s parents nor she herself didn’t know that Ginday is a gay.

Miss Rani’s father was shocked and distressed, saying he would never let her daughter marry him if he had known.

Ginday admitted manslaughter and a further charge of perverting the course of justice by lying to police but denies a charge of murder.

Source: Dailymail


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