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Happy 44th Birthday, Mariah Carey! Here Are 20 Of Her Best Over-The-Top Diva Moments!

happy birthday mariah carey 44 wow

If you had to pick one superstar singer who embodies the word diva in every aspect of her life, who would you choose?

Mariah Carey, without a doubt!

Gurlfriend carries her diva attitude everywhere she goes and shows it off every chance she gets!

So, in honor of MC’s 44th birthday, we decided to showcase some of our favorite outrageous, over-the-top, divalicious MC moments and let us tell you, there were A LOT!

Between her Instagram & pretty much every appearance EVER, Mariah is basically the definition of the word!

Don’t believe us? Ch-ch-check out the proof…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

That time she & Whitney Houston wore matching dresses & MC remedied that IMMEDIATELY!

whitney matching dress

When she had a “bad hair day” but posted the picture anyway!

bad hair day mc

Choosing to drink her giant goblet instead of say anything about Eminem!


Her side-eye game is STRONG! (As it should be!)

major side eye mc

And even when she apologizes, she’s a sassy diva!


Whitney & her can’t match, but she & her daughter, Monroe, can!

matching coats daughter mc

Mariah just can’t help being a diva!

mariah carey side eyes

Diva’s rarely get injured, but when they do, they bling out their injury accessories!

blinged out sling mc

And glitters someone for being fabulous! (but not as fab as her!)

mariah carey glittered someone

She shows the world how to do Valentine’s Day, like a diva!

candy heart bra wow mc

Plus, MC drops the truth about what to do if you want to acquire a diva.

want a diva pay the price

She even poses like a diva, like all the time!

white dress pose mc

Since forever!

honey ponytail500

And she’s obviously teaching Monroe how to be a diva too!

posing with monroe mc


thats a good idea

And as all true over-the-top divas do, she has people waiting on her all the time!

people waiting on her mc

Because obviously.

giggle shrug

We just can’t help it, we’re obsessed and she knows it!

why are you so obsessed with me

But, really, we can’t get over how AH-MAZEBALLZ she looks at 44! Guess being a diva has its benefits after all!

wave bye

Happy Birthday, gurl!!

[Images via Mariah Carey/Instagram.]

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