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Green-Eyed Monster Alert! Courteney Cox’s New Boyfriend Gets Warned By David Arquette Of Her Jealous Ways!

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How nice of David Arquette to give his lovely ex-wife’s boyfy some advice!

A little after David and Courteney Cox split ways, the two started dating other people. The See Spot Run star is currently dating and expecting a child with girlfriend, Christina McLarty and Court is happily in a relationship with musician Johnny McDaid!

But now that these two are in seemingly serious relationships, David probably thought it was the right time to help Johnny out and, you know, keep the mother of his current child happy!

A source close to the pair revealed:

“David approached Johnny and warned him to avoid making Courteney jealous at all costs.”

It seems a little unwarranted, but the source began to explain the reason behind David’s advice and it all started when the actor and the Cougar Town star first got married.

They said:

“When David and Courteney got married in 1999, she insisted on a private agreement that David would never take a role that included a kissing scene. At the time, David was looking at parts that were more comedic in nature anyway, so this wasn’t a big deal when they agreed to it — but he’s convinced it ruined his chances to be a leading man, forcing him to turn down roles — for a full decade — that had even a whiff of romance to them.

He told Johnny about the deal and warned him to avoid other women and not even be pictured with a female fan if he’s on tour.”

That seems a little extreme, but marriage is all about compromise, right?

The source also added:

“It’s probably David’s sour grapes again, but everyone says it’s a good sign he’s reaching out to Johnny, if only for Coco’s sake.”

Well, it sounds like he’s doing it out of love! Besides, the two do have a good relationship for an ex-married couple!

We’re sure he only has Courteney and Coco’s best interest at heart.

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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