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EXCLUSIVE! Kesha Seen Drinking Post-Rehab At A Karaoke Bar!

kesha i need a beer

Somebody yell “Timber,” because this actually had gone down!

According to some sneaky Perezcious readers, Kesha was seen partaking in some post-rehab drinking in Santa Monica on Saturday night at the Gaslite, home to some legendary El Lay karaoke!

While we can’t confirm that she was drinking her usual toothpaste replacement (a bottle of Jack), it was reported that she was looking pretty loose and relaxed, even at one point taking to the dance floor to break it down with a couple of her friends.

Later, someone allegedly asked her if she would sing a song herself, and apparently she said yes, but proceeded to leave soon after! Darn! Now we’ll never know what Kesha sings at karaoke! Never!

Ugh, we just wish she could have at least said “DJ turn it up” at one point!

Kesha just finished a stint at rehab for an eating disorder, and we’re so proud of the progress she’s made!

Although drinking is completely unrelated as to why she went to rehab, we hope that she’s taking care of herself too! We want her to have a night she WILL remember after all!

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