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Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie Could Be Worth As Much As A BILLION Dollars?!?

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Wow. Imagine how much it would be worth if someone really had dropped a boob!

The most star-studded selfie in the history of selfies was given a jaw-dropping valuation this week.


Ellen DeGeneres‘ “impromptu” Oscar snapshot with some of Hollywood’s biggest names (and Lupita Nyong’o’s brother) was estimated to be worth between $800 million and $1 billion by Maurice Levy.

Maurice is the CEO of Publicis, the French firm that handles all of Samsung’s international marketing. He and his company took credit not only for this pic, seen by more than 37 million people on Twitter, but for another infamous selfie of President Barack Obama!

Thanks to Publicis, celeb selfies have become under-the-radar advertisements that are worth BIG bucks!

Maurice explained:

“This is something we did for Samsung. It’s us. The two selfies that are so famous — the one with all the actors at the Oscars and the second with President Obama — the two were done by our team. For us it is business.”

And business appears to be booming!

But at what point do ads infiltrating TV and movies cross the line from clever to contrived?

It may get worse before it gets better, Perezcious readers…

Maurice’s company continues to get more involved in the actual production process and calls TV production and advertising production, “faux amis,” or false friends.

Now, it’s the ad execs calling the shots on some TV broadcasts and films. He admitted:

“Producers and directors have their independence and they do their work in their way, but at the same time we see a lot of directors that are doing TV series or movies for the big screen who are directing advertising. There is a long list of great directors that have shot commercials. We’ve always had that kind of relationship without entering into each other’s space. But today we are co-producers and sometimes executive producers and all this is for the brand, for our clients.”


Welcome to the future everybody, where someone telling you what to buy is lurking around every corner!

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