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‘Dozens die’ in Nigeria gun attack

Map showing Zamfara state, Nigeria

Thirty people are said to have been killed and several hurt in northern Nigeria, in an attack blamed by police on gunmen from the Fulani community.

The attack targeted a meeting of community leaders and vigilante groups in Galadima village, Zamfara state, a police spokesman told AFP news agency.

The meeting was discussing action against robbers and cattle rustlers.

Fulani herdsmen and farmers from other ethnic groups have frequently clashed in Nigeria over land and faith.

At least 100 villagers were killed in central Kaduna state last month in an attack that was also linked to a dispute between local farmers and the semi-nomadic Fulani herdsmen.

Police spokesman Lawal Abdullahi told AFP that security forces had been sent to the area where the latest attack took place.

The unrest is not connected with the Islamist insurgency waged by the Boko Haram group, which wants to impose Sharia law in the north.

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