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Courtney Love Is Reuniting With Hole!

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It’s true!

Grunge is back in the form of 90s rock band, Hole!

Frontwoman Courtney Love has been hinting at a reunion since late last year and now she has confirmed that she is indeed rehearsing following the musical foursome’s split in 2002.

Courtney dished:

“I started playing with Patty and Melissa and Eric, just to see how that was. We already played like three or four times in the last week.”

Praise the rock n’ roll gods!

While we completely adore hearing her theories on international catastrophies, we definitely think she is best in front of the microphone using her AH-mazing raspy vocals.

Not only are they rehearsing old material, but they’re also writing new music!

So, when is the tour??!

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