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Chris Brown Decides To Stay In Rehab For Longer & Gets His Instagram Back!

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Looks like all of that treatment is really working for him!

Chris Brown has been in a 90 day court-ordered rehab facility, and he wants to stay even longer! A source explained the 24-year-old singer’s plans, saying:

“It was his choice. He will come out soon.”

Good for him! It’s clear that Breezy has lots of demons that need to be dealt with, and he must be getting the help that he needs!

The facility let Chris out on Friday night so that he could be honored by the LA community group 2nd Call, which is when he made a return to Instagram! He even tweeted about the moment, saying:

There are no pics of Breezy on his account since January 2013, but he made a comeback with a pic of himself and friends (above), and one of his award (below). Onlookers said that he was in “good spirits” as he talked and took pics with people for half an hour!

Then Breezy was out of there by 9:30.

Could it be that this bad boy has really turned himself around? Only time will tell…

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[Image via Chris Brown/Instagram.]

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