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Suspect Swallowed Stolen Ring

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Two people were arrested on suspicion of felony theft after police said one of them swallowed a stolen ring in an attempt to hide it. Police say an X-ray clearly showed...

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Mexican Woman Leandra Becerra Lumbreras Becomes World’s Oldest Person

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Feliz cumpleaños, Leandra Becerra Lumbreras. The Mexican woman thought to be the oldest person in the world reportedly turned 127 on Sunday, according to the Metro. Lumbreras says she was born on Aug. 31, 1887. Her family said her secrets to longevity are eating chocolate, sleeping a lot and not getting married. “She was always a woman who fought. She was still sewing and weaving until about two...

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Texas Parents Sue Day Care Center for Duct Taping Child to Nap Mat

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A Texas couple has filed a lawsuit against the owners of a Fort Worth-area day care center seeking $1 million damages from the facility for duct-taping their 2-year-old son to a mat because he was unruly at nap time, their lawyer said on Wednesday. Kristi and Brad Galbraith are suing for fraud and negligence in the incident that occurred in June at the...

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Cash-Strapped Couple Seek Corporate Sponsors to Fund Their Wedding

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A young couple from Orlando, Florida, have found the perfect way to organise their dream wedding without spending a penny. Courtney McKenzie and her fiancé Jamil Newell are opting for a corporate-sponsored ‘social’ wedding and honeymoon, which means their special moments will feature all sorts of product endorsements and ads. Courtney, who works in social media and runs a marketing company, is the brains behind the idea. “I thought, why not couple my two loves: my soon to be husband Jamil and my love for marketing?” she said. Jamil isn’t complaining either –...

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Woman Spends over $130,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Drawing

Image Krystina-Butel-300x168.jpg

When Krystina Butel was 15 years old, she went on a holiday and decided to get her caricature done. And then she fell in love with the drawing so much that she has spent the past 15 years and over $200,000 trying to look just like it. Krystina, now 30, has gone through five b00b jobs, lip injections, botox, teeth whitening and semi-permanent makeup just so that she could resemble the drawing of herself. “When I saw the caricature for the first time on holiday, I was jealous of it,” the salon-owner from West Yorkshire revealed. “She was ...

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Man Gets Divorce Over Wife’s Insatiable S*xul Appetite

After enduring two years of marriage to a woman with “insatiable appetite for s*x”, an Indian man has been granted a divorce by a Mumbai court. The man filed for divorce in a Mumbai court in January saying his wife was “aggressive and autocratic,” and had harassed him over s*x demands since their marriage in April 2012, according to the Deccan Chronicle. The judge dissolved the marriage, saying the woman did not respond to a summons ordering her to appear ...

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