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HUMAN BILLBOARD: Man offers arm space for sale to advertisers for permanent tattoo advert

Image starbucks-tattoo-advert-300x181.jpg

A man said that he hopes to make a large sum of money by selling his arm space for a permanent tattoo, according to a listing posted on ebay in the United Kingdom. 23-year-old Jtorking1 of New Mills, Derbyshire, is hoping to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and a charity chosen by the buyer, in exchange for getting three square inches of tattoo space on his arm. The buyer will be able ...

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Man docked for punishing his son by forcing him to drink alcohol until hospitalization

Image Hughes-police_photo-300x181.jpg

A father of Tennessee, was arrested after forcing his son to drink a lot of alcohol. Sweetwater Police said that the father forced his 15-year-old son to drink alcohol as a punishment until he passed out. 35-year-old Mark Allen Hughes, caught his son drinking alcohol and decided to teach him a lesson on the dangers of consuming alcohol. Police were called to the home of the teenager on Saturday night by witnesses, who said that Hughes forced his son to play a drinking game. The boy was forced to drink many cups of alcohol. Witnesses told police ...

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Man Calls Police To Report Vandals At His Home, They Show Up And Kill Him

Image daniel-martin-jr-300x177.jpg

The police are supposed to protect and serve, but all of these stories about police brutality are really starting to get on my last nerve. A man from Oklahoma was shot and killed by a police officer after he called them to report vandals outside his home! The man had a gun on him when officers arrived at his home, according to recent reports. Back...

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700-Year-Old Skeleton Couple Found Holding Hands

Image o-ST-MORELL-570-300x224.jpg

Seven hundred years after their death, a couple has yet to part. Archaeologists excavating the site of a long-lost chapel in the countryside of Leicestershire, England unearthed the skeletons of a couple who appear to have been buried together holding hands. Experts from the University of Leicester Archaeological Services made the discovery with local volunteers during ...

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Model With Very Large, Fake br**sts Wants Another Enlargement

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Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. Sarah Marie Summer, a model with a bra size of “8M,” is believed to hold the distinction of having Australia’s largest (fake) br**sts. But she says she wants to go even bigger. “I want to look silly and I want to be huge,” she told Australia’s Women’s Day. “They make people smile and that makes me happy, so that can’t...

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