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Meet Fastest Dog On Two Legs

Image o-JIFF-THE-POMERANIAN-570-300x186.jpg

A Los Angeles pomeranian named Jiff has reason to be dog tired: When he strolls around on all four paws, he’s a just a regular pooch. But when he gets up on his hind legs, he’s a speed demon. The same goes for when little Jiff balances on his front legs. That’s according to Guinness World Records, which has officially honored the 4-year...

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Texas preacher Allegedly Compares God To a “Drone”

Image piaz8nqxwjvbrsgbobae-300x193.jpg

A megachurch pastor in Texas is raising eyebrows among among believers and nonbelievers alike for framing his interpretation of God around his casual understanding of drone technology. “We need to rediscover how great and how awesome our God is,” preaches evangelical Christian Ed Young in his new lecture series posted to YouTube, adding, “So I thought I would call this series [of sermons] ‘Drones’.” Young, head of the nine-location Fellowship Church, sees God...

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Human Skull Discovered in Donation Bin

Image goodwill-store-300x207.jpg

Police in Austin are turning to the public for help finding an unknown person who donated a human skull to a local Goodwill. Although the homicide unit is investigating, it is not believed the skull is connected with a criminal act of foul play. “We think it was probably something that belonged ...

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6-Week-Old Baby Kidnapped At Gunpoint

Image r-DELANO-WILSON-600x275-300x137.jpg

The mother of Delano Wilson, a 6-week-old baby boy who was kidnapped at gunpoint in Indianapolis Wednesday, has made an impassioned plea for his safe return. “Please, just please bring my baby back,” the boy’s mother, Taniasha Perkins, told reporters on Thursday. “He’s just one month old. I love my child. I just gave birth to him. He is my one and only son, my first born.” The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department issued an Amber Alert following the kidnapping, which happened around 12 p.m. Wednesday, in an alley in ...

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Burglar Left P0*n DVD In 7-Year-Old’s Bedroom

Image r-BEDROOM-600x275-300x137.jpg

A suspect in Salem, Oregon is believed to have broken into an apartment and left a P0*n DVD in the bedroom of a 7-year-old girl. The girl’s mother told police that her daughter woke her up at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, saying a man came into her bedroom, stepped on her bed and jumped out the window, KPTV reports. When the mother searched the room, she said she found that the cartoon DVD...

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