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Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill! Hooray!

arizona governor jan brewer vetoes anti gay bill senate bill 1062

Finally! Some good news out of Arizona!!

The state’s Republican lawmakers recently pissed off, well, everyone when they passed Senate Bill 1062, a measure which sought to legally condone many types of discrimination under the guise of protecting religious freedom.

Thankfully, mercifully, Governor Jan Brewer has come to her senses — just moments ago she VETOED that horrible, hateful bill instead of signing it into law!

Did Arizona’s Republican governor veto it because the angels on her shoulder begged her to do the right thing? Or did she succumb to the pressure of all the pundits, politicians, and private companies who were calling her state out for passing such a preposterously mean-spirited bill in the first place?

We don’t know, but she did tweet this:

Not much of an explanation, we know! Either way, the bill got shot down harder than a homophobic lawmaker trying to find a date at The Abbey, and that makes us happy!

Congratz on doing the right thing, Arizona!

Now you should use this momentum to take the next step and make it ILLEGAL for a company in your state to fire someone based on their sexuality!!!

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