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7 Possible Mistakes That Robin Thicke Made To Blur The Lines Of His Perfect Relationship!


With news that this breakup was a long time coming, we’ve got to say we read between the blurred lines and had a feeling this might happen ourselves!

Let’s be real, Robin Thicke has either grinded against Miley Cyrus‘ ass, or he’s groping another ass, or slapping an ass in the Blurred Lines music video!

We cannot imagine that Paula Patton was okay with any of this, or the several other questionable things he said or did!

Ch-ch-check out the 7 (occasionally NSFW) things that Robin did to blur the lines of his perfect relationship with Paula…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

7. Robin’s model-icious cover of Treats! The way that topless model grabbed Robin’s thigh Paula must have thought she wanted to get nasty!

robinthickenakey  opt

6. According to a source, Robin and Britney Spears had a fling back in 2003. Maybe it was Paula who ended up having to put on perfume to mark her territory?

britney spears robin thicke had a fling after justin timberlake breakup  opt

5. That one time Miley twerk-gasmed all over Robin’s Beetlejuice costume in the most televised grind session ever!

miley cyrus vma 2

4. The entirety of the Blurred Lines video! What spouse doesn’t like to see their husband surrounded by a trio of half-naked ladies? Oh, that’s right. All of them.


3. Robin openly admitted to having a dysfunctional marriage with Paula! When the more sordid deets of your relationship with your wife come out in an interview, that can’t be a good sign for the future of your union. Why Robin said that stumped us more than Robin trying to figure out a rhyme for “hug me.”

robinandpaulatry cw

2. Robin’s ass grabbin’ hand squeeze! Robin learned a very important lesson on the reflective quality of a mirror as his Lana Scolaro tush grope managed to be caught in its surface.

lana scolaro robin thicke 03  opt

1. Not only that, but Lana also claimed that Robin not only made out with her, but tried to take a good giiiirl…into bed!

lana scolaro robin thicke 01  opt

Which do you think was the tipping point that led to their split?

  • Robin’s VMA cheating allegations! (46%)

  • Robin’s VMA ass grab! (33%)
  • Robin admitting to having a dysfunctional marriage! (0%)
  • The music video for Blurred Lines! (4%)
  • Miley’s twerking! (13%)
  • Robin’s fling with Britney Spears! (4%)
  • Robin’s cover of Treat! (0%)

Total Votes: 24

[Image via Adriana M. Barrazza/TRY CW/WENN/YouTube/Steve Shaw/Treats!Instagram

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