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15 Year-Feud Comes To An End! But How Did Cameron Diaz & Sofia Coppola Manage To Kiss & Make Up?

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Until recently, Cameron Diaz & Sofia Coppola‘s relationship was about as amicable as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr‘s — which is to say there was a seething hatred so potent that there may in fact have been a little literal frothing at the mouth.

Thankfully, time heals all wounds, except for herpes, and things between the two of them are much better now! Well, for Cameron and Sofia, we mean, at least. Hamilton and Burr are obviously never ever (like ever) getting back together.

The bad beef between two of Hollywood’s loveliest ladies was originally served up when Cameron allegedly flirted with Sofia’s Oscar-winning (now ex) hubby, Spike Jonze.

Sofia retaliated against the perceived slight by satirizing Cameron’s persona with a character from Lost in Translation. In the award-winning flick, Anna Faris plays a ditzy blonde actress allegedly modeled after Miz Diaz.

That was way back in 1999, but Cameron & Sofia have apparently despised each other since!!

Or at least they did! Until now!

According to a source so knowledgable they would win a Nobel Prize in Gossip Sourcing should the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences ever decide to honor laureates in a field so prestigious, Cameron and Sofia’s rift is finally on the mend!

The source revealed:

“Sofia and Cameron have had an incredibly difficult relationship since 1999, the year Sofia married Spike… it only got worse when the film came out and it became pretty well-known that part of the movie was based on their real-life feud. There has been a thaw in the relationship between Sofia and Cameron in recent months… They had drinks this summer and cleared the air, possibly even paving the way for a future collaboration.”

Whoa! We aren’t sure whether the above-mentioned “future collaboration” is an upcoming film project or merely a euphemism for a three-way between Sofia, Cameron, and Spike, but we’re onboard either way!!!

Woo hoo! We hope you’re paying attention, India and Pakistan – if Sofia and Cameron can let bygones be bygones, so can you!

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