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10 Year Old Girl defiled, Pregnant With Twins And Denied Abortion


A 10-year-old Sengalese girl who was defiled and is carrying twins has been denied an abortion.
The young girl was defiled by a neighbor.

“She is going to have to go through with the pregnancy,” said Fatou Kine Camara, president of the Senegalese women lawyers’ association, which has been campaigning to the authorities for her to have a legal abortion. Authorities in the country have ruled that she cannot have the termination.

The girl, who lives in the south of the country, is now thought to be five months pregnant. In a previous case, a nine-year-old was forced to have a baby after being defiled. Senegal, in west Africa, has one of the toughest abortion laws on the continent.

Women risk a 10-year jail sentence for getting an abortion in Senegal. Forty women were held in custody in Senegal in the first six months of 2012, linked to abortion charges. Doctors who help them can lose their license.

Hundreds of Sengalese women die each year from botched terminations.

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