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10 Ways Oprah’s Instagram Proves She’s Just As Normal As The Rest Of Us!!

oprah scandalous

Oprah is JUST like us! No! Seriously! She is!

It doesn’t matter that she’s a multi-millionaire, she’s still as down-to-earth as ever!

But how do we know this?!

Well, her Instagram page is FILLED with pics showing all her normal everyday activities like loving her dogs & cooking dinner!


But if you’re curious to see just HOW normal Oprah is then ch-ch-check out our list…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. She makes homemade treats for her pups!

oprah making dog biscuits

2. She hula hoops from time to time!

oprah hula hooping

3. She posts pics of her Man Crush!

oprah man crush

4. She loves her dogs!

oprah dogs

5. She works out at SoulCycle too!

oprah soulcycle

6. She picks her own, homegrown fruits & veggies!

oprah garden

7. She likes to educate herself and goes to museum exhibits!

oprah museum

8. She cooks her own food!

oprah cooking

9. She wastes time on the internet too!

oprah internet

10. And finally, she fangirls over Beyoncé too!

oprah beyonce

[Images via Oprah/Instagram.]

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